Sunday, November 14, 2010

Month of November!

Joining this month entitles you to a FREE cruise in January, completely full of other GIN members who are highly successful and like-minded, plus these membership level 1 benefits:

  • Access to members-only training programs.  
  • Access to members-only live events, seminars, workshops, retreats, conferences, summits, meetings and special briefings taking place all over the world. 
  • Access to members-only audio, video and written presentations. 
  • Access to the Oxford Reference Online Premium.
  • Information that is shared exclusively between members.
  • Networking opportunities with members from all over the world. 
  • The ability to be personally mentored or become an apprentice by a current high ranking successful member
  • FREE lifetime membership in (worth $2,500) which provides invaluable information on health and natural healing. 
  • The opportunity to present business ideas to the general membership.
  • The opportunity to be in business with, or invest with wealthy, affluent, successful people from around the world.
  • Business advice and help from other successful members. 

And more!

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